Whether your aim is to honour the life of someone you lost, or simply to find a gift with genuine meaning, you can dedicate a tree in our new native woodland: Brian's wood, Carrigans Hill, South Armagh, Ireland.

How does it work?

We have over 16000 new native Irish trees in Brian’s Wood,  from which  your Memory Tree will be  chosen.

Every year we add to this number, planting more native trees, we  also have our own tree nursery where we grow trees from indigenous seeds.

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How do you get your Memory Tree?

The process is very easy.

1. You Choose a Memory Tree from the Available Species List
2. You Choose your own words of dedication. Tell us what you want to say on your customised plaque.
3. We will place the bespoke plaque at your Memory Tree in our privately owned woodland.

We guarantee that your forever tree will uniquely mark your treasured memory. You will also receive a personalised certificate for your unique memory tree, describing its species and location.
You may also visit your tree by arranging an appointment with us.

Please note: you will not "own" the tree, see our FAQs here.

A new Irish Woodland in the Ring of Gullion, 
a mystical, ancient landscape and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our Story

Why Dedicate a Tree?

Choosing to dedicate a native tree in Brian’s Wood is a really special and different way to mark cherished occasions and memories. Your Memory Tree is a lasting, enduring tribute which also helps sustain the local biodiversity of this beautiful landscape.

An Tobar is a not-for-profit community organisation.
By supporting our social enterprise, you are ‘’paying it forward’’ so others may benefit from the nature-based, health and wellbeing programmes we offer to people of all ages and abilities in our rural community. We are proud of our diverse team of staff, participants and volunteers. Together we have created Brian’s Wood, a really special space that we are delighted to share with you.

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