Brian’s Wood is named after two of our uncles named Brian who both died in infancy. Brian's Wood is a way to ensure their very brief lives will be remembered for generations to come.

Brian’s Wood is cared for as part of our Social Farming enterprise – the practice of offering activity on family farms as a form of community-based social support service.

Brian’s Wood is the inspired creation of Margaret Finnegan, it has been her dream and her baby from the beginning. Her vision for Brian’s Wood and her tireless dedication to achieving that dream is inspirational.

A lifelong passion for growing and planting trees, especially native ones, and a desire to create a lasting legacy on our farm, led to Brian’s Wood being planted in 2019 (100% funded through DAERA’s Forestry Expansion Scheme). Over 13,500 native trees were initially planted in Spring 2019.

The first tree was planted by President Michael D Higgins on 7th March 2019 on the historic occasion of his visit to South Armagh with wife Sabina.

Recent development of Brian’s Wood has been funded through The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Our first Dedication

The first tree, an Oak, was planted by President Michael D. Higgins, 7th March 2019

Visit Brian’s Wood

The An Tobar team have worked tirelessly creating and designing trails and erecting interactive signage so you can now visit Brian’s Wood and experience our new Nature Trails, Poetry Trials and Fairy Trail.

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Dedicate a Tree