Dedicate a native Irish tree 
as a treasured gift or a memory

For a different way to celebrate your treasured memories and special occasions.

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 An Tobar C.I.C.

An Tobar isn't just a place, it's a way of  Life.  It gives us a purpose and it's the reason why we get up in the morning...


Dedicate a tree

Type of tree:

Choosing to dedicate a native tree in Brian’s Wood is a really special and different way to mark cherished occasions and memories. Your Memory Tree is a lasting, enduring tribute which also helps sustain the local biodiversity of this beautiful landscape.

An Tobar is a not-for-profit  community organisation. By supporting our social enterprise, you are "paying it forward" so others may benefit from the nature-based, health and wellbeing programmes we offer to people of all ages and abilities in our rural community.

What you Get

  • We will place a bespoke plaque at your tree in our privately owned woodland.
  • We guarantee that this tree will mark your treasured memory forever. (see FAQs)
  • You will  receive a personalised certificate for your unique memory tree.
  • You may also visit your tree at any time during our opening hours or by appointment. (We keep a record of all Memory Tree locations)

What's been happening?

Dedicate a Tree.

Dedicate a Tree